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Our last album release ''SAAR''have been nominated best Album of the year by ADISQ .

''VOIR'' RECOMMENDS THE ALBUM SAAR : Now a Québec transplant for almost 15 years, H’Sao has become a sure bet. | 05 August 2015

The distinctive voices and harmonies of Chadian ensemble H’Sao are recognizable at the very first notes. Their previous album, Oria, was their third, brimming with anger and the funky reproach of brass instruments, vocal beats, jazzy bass and heavy metal guitars. Here, the Rimtobaye family returns to its roots to deliver an album distilled down to its purest essence. It showcases the simplicity of bare voices, a capella or only accompanied by a neo-soul or bluesy acoustic guitar, perhaps a calabash. This fervent gospel from far-away N'Djamena is, paradoxically, what the band does best and, above all, with the most spontaneity. Now a Québec transplant for almost 15 years, H’Sao has become a sure bet.


ALBUM REVIEW ''H’Sao is one of the most prominent vocal groups of any genre in Québec. '' | 05 August 2015

H’Sao is one of the most prominent vocal groups of any genre in Québec. Yet, its members are understandably also drawn to their generation’s urban music and activist streak. This time, the Rimtobaye brothers and their accomplice Dono Bei L. return to their vocal origins, which is precisely the meaning of Saar in Kabalai, their Chadian language.

''one love'' live studio | 16 December 2014

Watch our video ''ONE LOVE'' live in studio, song from our latest album ''ORIA''. Enjoy :) And Share it !! 

One love baniere

RECAP/REVIEW : What the Canadian Festival Guide Said about our open show with Angelique Kidjo | 21 November 2014

''Opening for Angelique was H’SAO, a Montreal-based band originally from CHAD. H’SAO put on an amazing performance which could have easily carried the show as the main act. From their vocal renditions to the instrumental play, H’SAO was on point from start to finish, engaging the audience, who in turn showed their appreciation. H’SAO in our opinion is definitely worth seeing anytime you get the opportunity.''


H'Sao Brings you on tour | 27 October 2014

Log on to the band’s youtube Channel ,

You will have the opportunity to see the ‘’behind the scenes’’ of our tours, our good moments, our emotions, we are pleased to share with you.

Each two weeks a video will be posted, feel free to share and comment. 

The Boston Globe | 25 July 2014

Chadian band H'Sao on the ''to do list''  of ''The Boston Globe'' two weeks ago !! Can't be more proud. 


Royal Conservatory 2014-2015 Season | 04 June 2014

The Royal Conservatory 2014-2015 Season series. Coming up november 08 /2014.  It 's a real privilege and honor for the band H'sao to annonce as opening act for the african Diva: Angelique Kidjo. 


H'SAO ON THE SET OF TV5 MONDE | 10 October 2013

Watch the band performance and interview on the set on the African News on TV5 Monde :


Our last album release ''ORIA'' have been nominated best Album of the year by ADISQ . A huge gratitude for the band's work, and specialy to Caleb Rimtobaye who produce the album. See You the 22 October 2013 for the award. 

Cancelled Show | 23 July 2013

Friends of Montreal region, we unfortunately had to cancel our presence to the show in Ville LaSalle on july 23rd, due to an agenda conflict, we are leaving to Portugal on the same day. Wesli is now playing on this show and you will surely have a great time. Next show in the region, august 23rd in Longueuil...Enjoy a great summer everyone!!!

Critics : La Presse ( Alain Brunet ) | 26 March 2013

''The cohesion and technical level seen here undoubtedly place this band among the best of its kind in Montreal.''

''Native to Chad, the Montreal group H’Sao releases its third album: ORIA means “are you fed up yet?” This sums up the humanistic commitment of its members who stem from the Rimtobaye and Ledjebgue families, young people who have had to flee a culturally rich society broken by colonization, authoritarian regimes and civil wars.

Album critics: Le Devoir (Yves Bernard) | 21 March 2013

''Oria – are you fed up yet? H’sao asks this pressing question all throughout their third album, their most socially engaged to date. The first song sets the tone: “on behalf of the public interest, we are being watched, suspected, fine, indebted, confined, recorded, discharged, repatriated, listed, categorized”, vocals soaring high with the sound of soul over a progressively harder guitar line.

H’SAO’ s Duel | 10 February 2013

 The duel H'Sao is a competition featuring two videos, each with an a cappella version of a song from the new album ORIA. As part of this competition, we invite you to vote for the video you prefer delivery. At the end of the competition, the song having obtained the most votes will be made available free of charge.

Launching of the New ALBUM : ORIA | 06 February 2013

After two successful albums, a nomination at the ADISQ (The Organization that honours excellence in the Quebec Music industry ) for best album of the year., and a world wide tour ( Australia, New Zeland, South Corea, Colombia, Ireland , USA, ….)

Montreal‘s Afropop band is coming back with the 3rd Album : ORIA ORIA means ‘’are you fed up ?? ‘’ fed up for all the injutices in the World ?? H’sao encourage to keep up the good fight . A revolutionary album, inspires from their native country Chad.

The Lauching of the Album on the 22nd February 2013 :

H’sao show Critics at the Mundial montreal : On indecent Xposure by isabella Byrne | 16 November 2012

Onwards to H’Sao, pronounced as [Tsao] and made up of five brothers. This group was far past the likes of what one could compare or call beat boxing; it was just a straight ear explosion. Each brother had a distinct, yet amazing voice, and they all moulded together in a deeply energetic and crisp form. They said that “The difference between someone alive and dead is movement”, and in that way, this group wants to make you feel alive. Groups like this just bring the crowd together, making them connected, clapping in unison.

H'SAO on "Studio 12" set! | 18 October 2012

See the band performance at Studio12, on sunday 23 october at 10:58 PM, Guest of Marie-Josée Lord.

H'SAO performing at "Le français d'abord" show | 20 June 2012

Coming up !! on july 05 the Band H'sao will share the stage with twenty other artists for the ''Festival d'été de Quebec''. The Show called '' Le Français d'abord '' will gather greatest artists from all over the world to celebrate the french language.