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The group


Caleb :

Guitarist and co-songwriter. It’s at his place that the magic happens. Rehearsals are held at his home studio and he always sets the pace. A passionate man with a head full of ideas, Caleb is meticulous and is always looking for fresh new sounds. On stage, he and his guitar really get the party

He’s also currently working on a project called afrotonix ( )


Mossbasss :

Bassist, co-songwriter, and singer. With his charmingly discreet demeanour, he embodies the H’sao groove. On stage, he and his bass are a rhythmic force to be reckoned with.


IZra L :

Pianist, co-songwriter, dancer, and singer. He’s the youngest in the group, but by no means the least talented! His voice will touch your heart and his dance moves always get the crowd on its feet. Israel is obsessed with beats; his rhythm and talent always guarantee a one-of-a-kind show.

Izra L project :


Dono :

Drummer, co-songwriter, and singer. He is blessed with unwavering motivation and H’sao pride as he oozes rhythm from behind his kit. Both his determination and sensitivity are felt in every drum stroke.