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H’sao show Critics at the Mundial montreal : On indecent Xposure by isabella Byrne - 16 November 2012

Onwards to H’Sao, pronounced as [Tsao] and made up of five brothers. This group was far past the likes of what one could compare or call beat boxing; it was just a straight ear explosion. Each brother had a distinct, yet amazing voice, and they all moulded together in a deeply energetic and crisp form. They said that “The difference between someone alive and dead is movement”, and in that way, this group wants to make you feel alive. Groups like this just bring the crowd together, making them connected, clapping in unison.

It’s during this group that I realized how many people walking down St. Catherine’s at the moment were passing by, not knowing the beauty and the fun that was inside. It’s festivals like these that I realize how much Montreal has to offer in terms of any genre, any theme, any art form- because really, this doesn’t happen everywhere.