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Album critics: Le Devoir (Yves Bernard) - 21 March 2013

''Oria – are you fed up yet? H’sao asks this pressing question all throughout their third album, their most socially engaged to date. The first song sets the tone: “on behalf of the public interest, we are being watched, suspected, fine, indebted, confined, recorded, discharged, repatriated, listed, categorized”, vocals soaring high with the sound of soul over a progressively harder guitar line.

The voices are magnificent, in french and english but also in arabic, sara or kabalai. Theirs is a laic gospel with biting vocal harmonies, choppy voice percussions and the occasional machine-processed tones. Because now more than ever, H’sao produces an exciting mix with urban music, in their unique way of blending reggae to funk or soul(or vice-versa), often over chad rhythms.'' 

 Source : Le Devoir - 15 Feburary 2013